My Dad

Last Thursday I was at work and got a phone call from my Aunt Judy. She called to tell me that my Dad wasn’t doin real good and I needed to get home to Alabama. He had been fighting cancer for a year.
I called Billie right away and she told me if we could come up with the money we would leave right away and get there. I sent a text to Robin and told her to get her gears turning so we could figure out where I could come up with the money. She got online right away and started checking on flights and such. She came across
this website. It’s called Mercy Flight. She called them and told them my story and they told her they usually only service Indiana and Illinios but would try and make an exception for me, all I needed to do was call. She called me and I called them. Within 30 minutes they called me back and had me a flight that night to go home.
Robin took off work and took me to Dallas to catch my plane. I made it to Alabama by 11:30. We got a call from my Aunt Mary and she said he was resting peacefully so we decided to wait until the next day for me to go over there. My Aunt Connie came and got me the next morning and took me to my Dad.
I spent all morning talking to my Dad and acting up for his benefit. He couldn’t talk but he rubbed my hand when I held his and winked at me once when I went outside to look in the window at him. (He spent his time staring out the window, I think he saw his angels and was watching them.) I finally made a silly face at him and he rolled his eyes at me. LOL
He passed away in his sleep that night at 9:10. My aunts were convinced that he was only holding on to see me one more time because by all rights he should have given up a week or so before.
Jimmy Norton was probably the greatest man I ever knew. When he married my mom he could have very well treated me as just her daughter but he didn’t. He told everyone I was HIS daughter. He truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love. No matter what kind of weird thing I did to my hair or myself or just some stupid thing I did, he always just shook his head and laughed and told me he loved me.
My Mom passed away 5 years ago and I have been carrying her ashes around with me ever since. Nothing felt right when it came to doing something with them. It came up Saturday that we should lay her to rest with my dad. It felt right to have them together again. I got on the phone and called my brother, aunt, and grandmother to see if they agree and all three said a very resounding yes! Then a call to my boss and another to Robin and my mom was shipped to Alabama. She made it there in time for the funeral and she is now resting peacefully beside my Dad.
I’m going to miss him so much but he left me with so many good memories and a heart full of love. I know I will see both of them again some day and I take a lot of comfort in that.
Thank you Mercy Flight for getting me home in time to spend the day with him.
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