Not As Young As I Used To Be

Yesterday I went with a bunch of friends to the Deer Festival. We all met up and had a beer before we went. I just had one but I pretty well downed it and I hadn’t ate all day. It started a good buzz. At the festival they had two booths that allowed you to sample wine. We sampled ALL the wine that was there.
After we left there we went back to Squirrel’s house to drink some more. After a few drinks I was heading across the yard to spread the joy of me drunk on to others. Half way to my destination Squirrel comes up on the 4 wheeler. What little bit of good sense I still retained ran away from me then and I hopped on the back of it with him with my beer in one hand and my phone in the other.
We took off and he popped a wheelie. I did just fine. I wasn’t prepared for the second one but I did good for about 2 seconds. I slid right off the back and I didn’t quit sliding. I went a little ways across the yard on my ass. (Yes my pants split from asshole to appetite.) I think my left leg must have hung up a little on the 4 wheeler because it hurts real bad and so does my hip. My butt has bruises on it as well. And the more I am awake today the more my lower back is starting to hurt.
You would think that I would have been smart enough to call it a night there. But, oh no, not me! Robin and I went out dancing. I had a hard time getting around for awhile but after the pills kicked in I got up and danced quite a bit. Yeah, in hindsight that wasn’t such a great idea. I’ll be paying for it for a few days. But, take heart…. everyone is gonna get to hear me whine about it.

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