Giving In To The Random

There is way too much goin on up there today for just one post.

  • I am very proud of my youngest son. He started playing football last year and was kind of timid about getting in there and just going for it. The past couple of weeks he has really started coming into his own and just nailing those other boys. I love hearing his name over the loudspeaker when he does good.
  • My daughter is adjusting well to her new school. She is really getting in there and making new friends. So far the ones that I have met I like.
  • I am doin good so far with the online dating. I am a real hit with the over sixty crowd and the young punk freaks that just wanna screw around. Above and beyond those I have met a couple guys that I really do like and enjoy talking to.
  • There seems to be a baby explosion around me. A friend is trying to have a second child, another friend is about to become a grandmother for the first time, and I am about to become a great aunt again. I really need to break out the yarn and get to crocheting.
  • I believe that even IF frogs had wings they would STILL bump their ass when they hop.
  • I am completely addicted to tea. I keep all kinds at work and at home. I keep forgetting to get new tea for work so yesterday when I realized that I didn’t have enough of any one flavor, I mixed a whole bunch of them together. It smells nasty and it tastes just like it smells.
    Like any true addict…I am drinking it anyway.
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