Bet You Can’t Find It

While out on my routine reading, I saw this. I have been working on it all day and I guess I am not one of them there smart folks.
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Big Ol Chickenshit

Just so everyone is aware…I’m sitting at Robin’s house. I’m all alone. No one is at my house either. I know I can NOT sit and watch scary movies by myself. Even if it’s one I have already seen a hundred times, I end up freaking myself out. I do know this about myself but yet I sat here and watched one. I have to pee but I’m scared to get up and go.
Robin’s cat is sitting in a chair beside me. It keeps staring at me. It’s kinda freaking me out with it’s big ol bug eyes.

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My Day

I got woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning cause someone was not only in my house but standing in my bedroom door staring at me. It was Robin! The snot…keeps me up late and then wakes me up early. So, being the thoughtful person that I am I figured I would pay it forward and came down to Robin’s house and woke up Dj and her friend Treena. I’m just nice that way.
I have been sitting in front of this computer for most of the day now working. My ass really really hurts. I will continue to sit here in front of this computer until all my work is done because well…I like to roll like that.
My dear, sweet, darling, wonderful angel of a daughter informed me this morning that she thinks I have multiple personality disorder.

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I think my whole “theme” is gonna become randomness. I can’t seem to string together one coherent thought lately and it’s about to drive me nuts. Usually I like the way my mind works because it doesn’t give me time to dwell on anything. I just happen to want to dwell on things right now and can’t.

  1. I have been feeling sick lately. I don’t think it’s sick in any conventional way. No cold or flu. But a lot of things have been making me literally throw up from just the mere thought of dealing with them. I have had more nose bleeds in the past three weeks then I have had in a long time. I know it’s stress related but until I can just sit down and clean out the cob webs in my brain it ain’t gonna quit.
  2. Why is it that lately everyone that meets me feels the need to “save” me? I have been changing my own diapers for a lot of years now and I haven’t made a mess yet that I can’t clean up on my own.
  3. Along that same line why is it that the very thing about me that attracts people to me is the very thing people want to change about me? I realize I am scatterbrained and more then once I have sat on the side of the road because I forgot to put gas in my car. I’m ok with that, why can’t everyone else be?
  4. I’m also a little worried about me. People keep expecting me to have a nervous breakdown or freak out or something because I just lost my Dad. Maybe there is something wrong with me but then again…maybe I’m the smart one. My Dad was always a very vibrant man. The last year of his life he wasn’t on the go much other then to doctors appointments and such. He was saved and I watched him on his final day with us and I saw him talking to his angels. I know he is in a better place now. How can I be sad about that? Sure I miss him and it kills me to know that I will never have a worldly conversation with him or feel him hug me or hear him tell me he loves me but isn’t that just me being selfish and not wanting to give him up?

I guess that’s about all that is swirling up there today. If not I’ll be back. And by the way…Welcome To My World!

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My Dad

Last Thursday I was at work and got a phone call from my Aunt Judy. She called to tell me that my Dad wasn’t doin real good and I needed to get home to Alabama. He had been fighting cancer for a year.
I called Billie right away and she told me if we could come up with the money we would leave right away and get there. I sent a text to Robin and told her to get her gears turning so we could figure out where I could come up with the money. She got online right away and started checking on flights and such. She came across
this website. It’s called Mercy Flight. She called them and told them my story and they told her they usually only service Indiana and Illinios but would try and make an exception for me, all I needed to do was call. She called me and I called them. Within 30 minutes they called me back and had me a flight that night to go home.
Robin took off work and took me to Dallas to catch my plane. I made it to Alabama by 11:30. We got a call from my Aunt Mary and she said he was resting peacefully so we decided to wait until the next day for me to go over there. My Aunt Connie came and got me the next morning and took me to my Dad.
I spent all morning talking to my Dad and acting up for his benefit. He couldn’t talk but he rubbed my hand when I held his and winked at me once when I went outside to look in the window at him. (He spent his time staring out the window, I think he saw his angels and was watching them.) I finally made a silly face at him and he rolled his eyes at me. LOL
He passed away in his sleep that night at 9:10. My aunts were convinced that he was only holding on to see me one more time because by all rights he should have given up a week or so before.
Jimmy Norton was probably the greatest man I ever knew. When he married my mom he could have very well treated me as just her daughter but he didn’t. He told everyone I was HIS daughter. He truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love. No matter what kind of weird thing I did to my hair or myself or just some stupid thing I did, he always just shook his head and laughed and told me he loved me.
My Mom passed away 5 years ago and I have been carrying her ashes around with me ever since. Nothing felt right when it came to doing something with them. It came up Saturday that we should lay her to rest with my dad. It felt right to have them together again. I got on the phone and called my brother, aunt, and grandmother to see if they agree and all three said a very resounding yes! Then a call to my boss and another to Robin and my mom was shipped to Alabama. She made it there in time for the funeral and she is now resting peacefully beside my Dad.
I’m going to miss him so much but he left me with so many good memories and a heart full of love. I know I will see both of them again some day and I take a lot of comfort in that.
Thank you Mercy Flight for getting me home in time to spend the day with him.
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I just wanted to jump in real quick to let everyone know I am still kicking. I will be back home tomorrow and will take the time to sit down and explain my absence. If you have the time Robin has explained it in her blog a little. Miss ya’ll!

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Not As Young As I Used To Be

Yesterday I went with a bunch of friends to the Deer Festival. We all met up and had a beer before we went. I just had one but I pretty well downed it and I hadn’t ate all day. It started a good buzz. At the festival they had two booths that allowed you to sample wine. We sampled ALL the wine that was there.
After we left there we went back to Squirrel’s house to drink some more. After a few drinks I was heading across the yard to spread the joy of me drunk on to others. Half way to my destination Squirrel comes up on the 4 wheeler. What little bit of good sense I still retained ran away from me then and I hopped on the back of it with him with my beer in one hand and my phone in the other.
We took off and he popped a wheelie. I did just fine. I wasn’t prepared for the second one but I did good for about 2 seconds. I slid right off the back and I didn’t quit sliding. I went a little ways across the yard on my ass. (Yes my pants split from asshole to appetite.) I think my left leg must have hung up a little on the 4 wheeler because it hurts real bad and so does my hip. My butt has bruises on it as well. And the more I am awake today the more my lower back is starting to hurt.
You would think that I would have been smart enough to call it a night there. But, oh no, not me! Robin and I went out dancing. I had a hard time getting around for awhile but after the pills kicked in I got up and danced quite a bit. Yeah, in hindsight that wasn’t such a great idea. I’ll be paying for it for a few days. But, take heart…. everyone is gonna get to hear me whine about it.

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Giving In To The Random

There is way too much goin on up there today for just one post.

  • I am very proud of my youngest son. He started playing football last year and was kind of timid about getting in there and just going for it. The past couple of weeks he has really started coming into his own and just nailing those other boys. I love hearing his name over the loudspeaker when he does good.
  • My daughter is adjusting well to her new school. She is really getting in there and making new friends. So far the ones that I have met I like.
  • I am doin good so far with the online dating. I am a real hit with the over sixty crowd and the young punk freaks that just wanna screw around. Above and beyond those I have met a couple guys that I really do like and enjoy talking to.
  • There seems to be a baby explosion around me. A friend is trying to have a second child, another friend is about to become a grandmother for the first time, and I am about to become a great aunt again. I really need to break out the yarn and get to crocheting.
  • I believe that even IF frogs had wings they would STILL bump their ass when they hop.
  • I am completely addicted to tea. I keep all kinds at work and at home. I keep forgetting to get new tea for work so yesterday when I realized that I didn’t have enough of any one flavor, I mixed a whole bunch of them together. It smells nasty and it tastes just like it smells.
    Like any true addict…I am drinking it anyway.
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Last night I went to a birthday party of sorts for Billie. I’m not sure how to explain this but I will try. I walked in and it felt like home. The party was at a house of some people that I had only met once. I met them out at the bar and we really didn’t talk. But there was a still a feeling of home when I walked into their house.
There was a couple there that I used to work with and consider friends. I said hi to them and to everyone else. Billie started introducing the other people that I didn’t know. There was a lady sitting at the bar that I recognized but couldn’t quite place. She agreed she knew my face but wasn’t sure how. After sitting down and thinking about it awhile I think it hit us both at the same time. Her and her husband/boyfriend (not sure which) were friends of my parents when we first moved to Oklahoma.
My parents moved out here before I did because my dad had to work and I had to stay in Alabama and finish the school year. Once I moved out here my parent’s friends accepted me as one of their own and treated me as such. If I was in trouble I heard about it from all of them as well as they all celebrated my accomplishments with me. This was a time in my life when I can say I was truly happy. There was a man in my life that really wanted to be a dad to me and not only took me in because I was a part of my mom but because he wanted me as a daughter. I had a family and an extended family that loved me for me.
So, I don’t know if it was the fact that the owners of the house really are welcoming people or if just being in the presence of these two other people were the reason for my feeling at home. I just know that being there with them brought back a flood of good memories and it felt great to be accepted right back in. I was invited to come back to their jam sessions anytime so they better watch out because I will be taking them up on it…if for no other reason then to feel like I am at home again.
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Morning Cheer!

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