My Friend

I only have a couple female friends in my life. For the most part I can’t handle the politics of female friends. I have several male friends. They are friends and I’d like to keep it that way.
For the most part there are only a few that I consider to be good friends and I would tell them most anything. At times I kinda have to watch what I say to them because they are overly protective. Right now I am catching all kinds of hell from one of them because I said something that he didn’t like. He really hasn’t spoken to me in a couple days other then a quick text message saying I still love you.
There is one man in my life that I really enjoy. (Yes I know you are reading this and no I am not saying it to suck up so don’t roll your eyes at me. I just feel like talking about you today) The thing I think I like most about him is I can usually always just be myself around him. We argue, pick at each other, and every once in awhile he will break the rules of the man club and give me advice on what men are thinking.
For the most part he is right on with the advice. I do try and take his advice but sometimes it’s hard to do. I generally take his advice because he has a way of saying “I told you so” that just pisses me off!
Mostly I am writting this to give you a big ol honking thank you for all the help you have given me. You have saved me on more then one occasion and I’m not even quite sure you know that. On top of that you are helping out a close friend of mine and I will always be eternally greatful for that. I know you like us to think you are an ass but we know you have a big heart… your not fooling anyone.
Okay…enough said. We shall never speak of this again and if you bring it up to me I will deny it all.

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