Tired Of Being Sick

This has been another week from hell. But, the weird thing is…it’s also been completely awesome! I haven’t seen my brother in years and he got to come in for a day and a half. I feel bad though cause I as moving and I felt like shit all weekend. I wasn’t a very good host.
Bill and I went out Friday night for a couple hours. It wasn’t that great of a night cause I have been so sick this week. I only went because…well, it was Friday night. We got up and got most of my stuff moved Saturday morning and the rest of the day I literally laid around and slept. My poor brother was stuck there just watching movies and talking to my kids.
Sunday we kind of lounge around until around 1:00 then we went to the grocery store and my bro bought my daughter and I a bunch of groceries. Thanks Frank and Lori! Then it was time for him to leave so I took him to his truck and sent him on his way. Bill and I finished up my moving and the rest of the day was spent either laying around at my house or laying around at Robin’s.
Yesterday I got a few things unpacked and some pictures hung up but mostly I just…laid around. I think I am just gonna take it easy this week and hope that I get over this pretty quick. Robin’s birthday is in two weeks and she says all her friends always get a little on her birthday so I gotta be ready so I can get mine. 🙂

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