The Good With The Bad

All the bad stuff goes here so now I am gonna share the good. My morning started out really low for me. I broke something this morning and it apparently was just the last straw. I had a massive meltdown before work. It’s gotten to where I jump everytime the phone rings and I dread leaving work because I don’t wanna know what happens next.
My whole life these past few weeks has hinged on getting this aparment that I applied for. It would be the answer to my prayers. It gets me out of all the drama because it’s far enough away from people that they won’t bother to bring the drama to me. I got the call today and I was approved for my apartment. My rent is cut by a little over half. I go sign the papers in the morning and will hopefully be moved in by this weekend.
And on another good note. I haven’t seen my brother in a few years. I have been trying to get him to get a load thru this area so he could come and see me at least for a few hours. My sister in law called this morning also to let me know that he will be here this weekend. He is coming because he is worried about me but I secretly think he is coming because she has work lined up for him for his long weekend. Little does he know that he is gonna work here too! I need help moving!

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