Sleep…Beautiful Sleep

I have been so restless lately it’s about to drive me crazy. I have gotten hardly any sleep in the past few days. I did catch a couple hours on a couple different couches yesterday but that is about all. Last night I was woke up to a couple of cats fighting it up in my yard. Scared the hell out of me. I also kept getting woke up by noises inside my house.
My daughter told me that several people have told her our house is haunted. I really don’t mind that, as long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone. But, if they keep messing with my sleep I swear I will salt my house and send them on to the other side. My friends and I have a deal that we are there for each other no matter what as long as we aren’t sleeping. So why in the hell do my ghosts think I want to wake up just for them?
O well…it’s neither here nor there as I hope to be moving soon. I really should call and check to see if I got my apartment but I’m scared they are gonna say no. I can’t handle rejection.

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