Teenagers…they’re gonna be the death of me!

My little girl is growing up. She just turned 15 and I absolutely hate it. I really admire the young woman she is becoming and all in all I couldn’t ask for a better kid. What I hate the most…boys! She has recently aquired a boyfriend. I always knew this day was coming but not sure I am ready for it entirely.
I have to say though I am pleased with her choice so far. This guy is 14 and has really impressed me. First, he actually took her LITTLE brother’s feelings into consideration before he let my daughter know how he felt about her. How many 14 year old boys do you know that even give a second thought to a little brother much less think about their feelings?
Second, he has made my daughter feel so good about herself. He tells her how pretty she is and is constantly touching her hair and letting her know that he is happy to see her. I love to watch her smile when she talks about him.
Robin, be proud of your son. Sure, he is all boy but he is turning into a good man. Dillon, I am trusting you with my daughter…always be aware that she has FIVE brothers and one huge Daddy and I am so no afraid to use them!

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