Drama! Drama! Drama!

It’s a really good thing I have a good sense of humor and don’t take a lot of things to heart. I am beginning to think my life is just destined to be a soap opera.
Most of the time my life consists of going to work and then going home. I spend most of my time off work talking to my kids and my friends. On Friday and Saturday night I go out and sometimes I get drunk. I go home with the same 1 or 2 people I go out there with. Sounds like a real fun life don’t it?
These past couple weeks I have heard more rumors then I care to know about. Most involve me. I am sick of rumors. If people want to know something about me…just ask me. I do my best to never do anything I might regret later. I don’t sleep around and I don’t talk behind people’s backs. If it’s said behind you I can guarentee I will say it in front of you.
So for anyone out there wondering what I am up to or what I said…just ask. I’ll tell you exactly what you may or may not want to know.

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