I Tried…

Really…I did. Ask her. I tried to get a picture of it. Besides the fact that I was too damn lazy to go to the car and get the camera she threatened my life. But all the threats in the world can’t stop me from blogging about it.
Robin has a second job. She does medical transcription. One of the tools of the trade are these nifty little headphones. Well apprently any kind of background noise is heard thru these headphones and it makes it very difficult to hear what your supposed to be transcribing. We discussed her getting some ear muffs to wear over them to help filter out the sounds of the house. She didn’t have any.
Her answer to it: a red bandana and a blue bandana. She tied them together and then tied them around her head in Aunt Jemima fashion. The ends hung from her forehead all floppy and long. (The ends…not her forehead) After awhile she tied the ends over her nose which had the floppy things covering her face.
Robin keeps it dark in her house. After it started to get late and she had been working for hours the glare from the moniter apparently started getting to her. I looked over and saw bandana still tied at her nose and sunglasses over her eyes! If it happens again…I SWEAR I will snap that picture!

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