My Kids

Let me tell you about my three kids. They are three of the coolest kids you could ever want to be around. On a daily basis they make me smile. Somedays it’s more like they are my parents then my kids. They are mature beyond their years and show it all the time.
My daughter, DJ, is a true smart ass and can pounce on you as quick as you let something fly out of your mouth. (Not entirely sure where she got that from) Here is a conversation I had with her the other day:
I was watching a movie and a guy ran off the road because there was a seal in the middle of it.
Me: “Damn I hate it when that happens!”
Her: “Me too!”
Me: “Yeah because that happens so often around Valliant.”
Her: “It does! Especially right over there by the park!”
I love the fact that I can just have a non sense conversation with her as well as a completely serious one. She talks to me about everything. I can say that with confidence because she has brought things to me that I would have NEVER took to my mom. I have no doubt that she does hide things from me but I do know if I ask her about it she will answer me open and honestly.
My son, Dylan, isn’t as quick on the draw with the sharp tongue but he is one that continually makes me and others laugh. He has a whole trunk full of jokes stored in his brain and he is never afraid to whip one out and lay it on you. He has never met a stranger and is always making friends. I’ve always said that he is gonna be the death of me because he isn’t afraid of anything.
Dylan has a real clear sense of right and wrong. With him things are pretty much black and white with no room for a little grey until someone sits down and talks to him and colors in the grey areas for him. He will listen to explainations of things and if wrong he will apologize. (That being said he doesn’t always do the right thing but he KNOWS he is doing wrong everytime he let’s himself do it.) He is a lot like me in the fact that he has little self control and gives in easily to himself.
When Dylan sees that someone is upset or not in a chipper mood he is always trying to figure out a way to make them feel better. He has cooked for me and surprised me with little pictures he has drawn or he is always quick to offer a hug and a kiss because he knows that sometimes that is all it takes. He takes everyone’s feelings to heart and genuinely hurts when you hurt. He is my onriest kid but also my most soft hearted.
Last but by no means least, there is my son Smurf. By birth he is not mine but everything in my heart says he is. I married his Daddy when he was five. Him and I hit it off pretty quick but we had a lot of rocky times before we found our groove. He turned 21 a couple months ago and I can’t see me being any more proud of ANYONE then I am of him. He had a rocky start and got into a lot of trouble during his teen years.
He got hooked on drugs and pretty much rebelled against anything and everything. He had a couple run ins with the law because just like all teenagers he was invincible and immortal. A few years ago he met his wife, Becky. I hope with all my heart he realizes what a gift she has been for him. She did for him what his dad, mom or I couldn’t do for him. She helped him turn his life around. He became drug free and started holding down a full time job. She came to him with two children (yes I am a granny ) These two kids have taught him to be responsible, and to be a good roll model. He realizes now that you can never be an island unto yourself there is always someone there depending on you.
Here lately I have been having to make my kids go to their dad’s house. They love their dad with all their heart but they say they get bored at his house. We had a talk a couple days ago and my kids put me on top of the world. I asked them why boredom was so much of a problem at their dad’s and not at my house. They have a lot more to do there because I don’t even have t.v. My daughter just looked at me and said “It’s simple. Your there” And to that all I have to say is: I will always be there because these kids are the world to me and I hope that someday I can be the mom that they deserve.

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