I Hate People!

More to the point I hate idiots! Here is the scenerio:
I have two drivers going to the same location within 15 minutes of each other. The first one gets to the location and there is a problem. He needs the confirmation paperwork sent in with his name and truck number on it. All normal procedure. I tell them the paperwork is there already. Driver #1 calls back; “They do NOT have the paperwork you need to get it here.” I say, “Find Carrie, she has it.”
Driver #2 calls, “I need my paperwork faxed over, Driver #1’s paperwork was found but not mine.” (Keep in mind Driver #2 was here when they found Driver #1’s paperwork. This is handy information in a minute.) I tell this driver the same thing I told the other, the paperwork is there already. All the time I am talking to these two they keep talking to me like I’m the idiot. I get on the phone and talk to the broker that set these loads up.
About 15 minutes later I get a call back explaining what happened. Driver #1 goes in and says my name is Joe I’m with X company. They don’t have paperwork for Joe with X company. After almost an hour of furious phone calls and investigation someone else comes in and says “We have paperwork for Joseph from X company.” Ummm Duh!!! We have two trucks from X company; one named Russell one named Joseph. Driver # 1 perks up “Well, my name is Joseph.” Okay your paperwork is clear go ahead on with loading.
Now remember what I said earlier. Driver# 2 is standing there. But damn they can’t find his paperwork anywhere. There is absolutely nothing in there for Russ from X company! More furious phone calls because I’m the idiot. Only to find out that Russ = Russell. Holy Shit!! Who would have thought that!

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