Moving On…

Yesterday had to have been one of the most liberating days I have had in a very long time. I went and signed the lease for my apartment. Got my very own P.O. Box and got my electicity turned on. Now all I need to do is get myself over this cold and get packed and out of the old house and into the new. Shouldn’t be too hard since I never unpacked in the first place.
My friend Robin has taken up her little Salvation Army bell and bucket and is currently standing by her desk taking furniture donations for me. She has already drummed up a sleeper sofa. Now I just gotta figure out how I am gonna get it to my house. Keep ringing that bell Rob until I have a couple dressers. LOL
My friend Billie has gotten us a truck lined up for the move. And I managed to get us a stock trailer to pull behind it so we might just make this move in one day. IF we aren’t hung over from Friday night. 🙂 We also have a little help lined up so things should go pretty smoothly. I just can’t wait until this is all over and I am finally settled in somewhere that I can call home.

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The Good With The Bad

All the bad stuff goes here so now I am gonna share the good. My morning started out really low for me. I broke something this morning and it apparently was just the last straw. I had a massive meltdown before work. It’s gotten to where I jump everytime the phone rings and I dread leaving work because I don’t wanna know what happens next.
My whole life these past few weeks has hinged on getting this aparment that I applied for. It would be the answer to my prayers. It gets me out of all the drama because it’s far enough away from people that they won’t bother to bring the drama to me. I got the call today and I was approved for my apartment. My rent is cut by a little over half. I go sign the papers in the morning and will hopefully be moved in by this weekend.
And on another good note. I haven’t seen my brother in a few years. I have been trying to get him to get a load thru this area so he could come and see me at least for a few hours. My sister in law called this morning also to let me know that he will be here this weekend. He is coming because he is worried about me but I secretly think he is coming because she has work lined up for him for his long weekend. Little does he know that he is gonna work here too! I need help moving!

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The Dumbing Down of Jennifer

When exactly did I get crowned Jennifer, Queen of the SuperTards? Is it my love for idiots that got me this title? Is it that big ass tattoo on my forehead that says “I wanna be with stupid”? Actually I don’t think I mind it so much cause they do so entertain me and my friends.
I think I got it…I blame Billie for this. If there is a fruit loop within 100 miles of her they do naturally gravitate towards her. I seem to be getting her spill off!

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Pretty Cool

A week or two ago I came across this website. I was bored so I decided what the heck and wrote to a soldier. These men and women are over there giving their all for us to be safe back home and I figured the least I could do was write and say thanks. I don’t have the money to send a package or anything like that but I figured a thank you was better then not hearing anything.
I sent my words out into the world with no expectations. I was sitting here tonight and I got an email from the other side of the world as he put it. It was nice. I enjoyed it anyway. Just thought I would share incase anyone else wanted to send their words out into the world. I know it might make someone’s day to know they are being thought about.

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Damn! Damn! Damn!

I woke up feeling fine. The day wore on. My throat hurts bad. Now I feel like shit.
And this just in: I bet you all wish you were loved as much as me.
Conversation with the boss:
Me: If a grizzly bear was heading in to attack me, you wouldn’t save me?
Boss: Let me tell you something Jennifer, If a grizzly bear was chasing us the only thing I would have to worry about was out running you.

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My Weekly Punch in the Gut

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…it’s always one thing after another. I got home from work yesterday and my house had been broken in to. It wasn’t anything major it was just enough to piss me off.
We have figured out that it was Sharla’s son that did it. Nothing of mine was messed with but he trashed all her stuff after going thru it. He didn’t take anything of monitary value but did take a couple sentimental things of her’s. I don’t like that my house was invaded and I damn sure don’t like that I had to clean up the mess he left. Although he did empty and ashtray for me.
I am also goin to assume he was gonna do me a favor and mop the floor with whatever that was he poured all over it. Guess he just could’t find the mop.

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Speaking of Ghosts

I posted that last entry and thought about something funny that happened when we first bought our house four years ago. The two youngest kids were at my dad’s for the summer and Travis (ex husband) worked nights. So, it was usually just me and Smurf at the house.
One morning I got up to get ready for work and found Smurf laying with his body in his room and his head on his pillow out in the kitchen floor. I figured it must have gotten hot in his room and he laid there because there was an air vent in his room in that area and one right above his head in the kitchen. I didn’t really say anything to him about it cause well we all know teenagers are weird anyway.
The next day I woke up and he was laying that way again. I just shook my head and went on about getting ready for work. After a few days of this I finally got curious enough to ask him about it. He told me “Jennifer, I swear my room is haunted!” I just kind of chuckled and asked him what he was talking about. He told me that several times in the middle of the night his closet door would open and close all on it’s own. I was a little skeptical of this and went to play with his closet door. I found that for some reason it wouldn’t tightly close. You could just pull it open without turning the knob.
I talked to Travis about Smurf’s problem that evening and he just busted out laughing. Come to find out: The central air unit was housed in his closet when it would kick on and off it would push open the door and then suck it back in. We held an exorcism that night so he could feel comfortable enough to sleep in his room. Well, Travis fixed the door anyway.

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Sleep…Beautiful Sleep

I have been so restless lately it’s about to drive me crazy. I have gotten hardly any sleep in the past few days. I did catch a couple hours on a couple different couches yesterday but that is about all. Last night I was woke up to a couple of cats fighting it up in my yard. Scared the hell out of me. I also kept getting woke up by noises inside my house.
My daughter told me that several people have told her our house is haunted. I really don’t mind that, as long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone. But, if they keep messing with my sleep I swear I will salt my house and send them on to the other side. My friends and I have a deal that we are there for each other no matter what as long as we aren’t sleeping. So why in the hell do my ghosts think I want to wake up just for them?
O well…it’s neither here nor there as I hope to be moving soon. I really should call and check to see if I got my apartment but I’m scared they are gonna say no. I can’t handle rejection.

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My friends are the best ever! They share with me on a regular basis. If they know I am in need they jump right in and take care of me. They know that in turn when I can I will jump right in to share with them.
One friend knew I had a need for tequila, he brought me some back from a trip he took. He also knows I am about to move and might need somewhere to store a few things, he offered one of his storage units for a short time. Robin has been sharing her home with me on and off for the past couple weeks. Last night Billie knew I had a need for food, she offered up her tacos for my enjoyment.
I said all that just to say this, thanks Robin, today I woke up feeling like shit.

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Teenagers…they’re gonna be the death of me!

My little girl is growing up. She just turned 15 and I absolutely hate it. I really admire the young woman she is becoming and all in all I couldn’t ask for a better kid. What I hate the most…boys! She has recently aquired a boyfriend. I always knew this day was coming but not sure I am ready for it entirely.
I have to say though I am pleased with her choice so far. This guy is 14 and has really impressed me. First, he actually took her LITTLE brother’s feelings into consideration before he let my daughter know how he felt about her. How many 14 year old boys do you know that even give a second thought to a little brother much less think about their feelings?
Second, he has made my daughter feel so good about herself. He tells her how pretty she is and is constantly touching her hair and letting her know that he is happy to see her. I love to watch her smile when she talks about him.
Robin, be proud of your son. Sure, he is all boy but he is turning into a good man. Dillon, I am trusting you with my daughter…always be aware that she has FIVE brothers and one huge Daddy and I am so no afraid to use them!

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