Road Trip!

The actual trip doesn’t start until tomorrow but my adventure starts tonight! After work I am gonna go home and shower and do the girl things, gather up my kids and set out for the big town of Rattan! My ol’ buddy Robin and I are goin to Wranglers tonight to blow off some steam. It’s been a rough past couple of weeks and I can only see it getting a bit worse in the next couple. That’s okay, I can handle it.
I got an email at the beginning of the week from my friends in Oklahoma City declaring Saturday night as girls night out. I really don’t have the money for the trip but I was told to get myself up there and they would take care of the rest. I really do feel loved. These women are awesome women!
It’s kind of a bittersweet trip. I love all my friends and family here and I am always home sick when I am up there, but there is so much less stress up there. I had a great job with a lot of potential for growth. I made great friends up there as well. I always hate leaving them again and find myself in a puddle of tears when I go.
The downside to the job; I had to dress up. Playing dress up is okay for the weekends but when you gotta do it at 6 in the morning EVERY morning it kind of loses it’s appeal. That is one of the reasons I love my job here. I NEVER have shoes on. Yesterday I came to work in my pj’s, hair not brushed and no make up on. (I only did it to prove to my boss that my bare feet aren’t the worse thing that could happen) He hasn’t said anything about my bare feet today. LOL
Okay…I am just rambling now. I really just wanted to say that I am getting the hell out of dodge this weekend. And while I am in OKC hopefully I will find my good mood again and bring it back home with me, if I can make it load up and ride back this far.

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