More Random

There is so many things swimming in my brain this morning that I can’t make them all coherant enough to write about just one thing. So…on with the random:

  • My electricity got shut off this morning. It ticks me off because for once I can honestly say, and if you know the story you will agree, it’s not my fault. THEY screwed up and now I’m gonna have to pay for it. Hope they aren’t in desperate need of my $400 anytime soon cause I don’t have it. I’ll be in the dark for a few weeks.
  • There are eyes on me even here. That’s okay though. I know people are reading this because I am getting a lot of page views. I don’t know who you are but just like I said yesterday, I kind of feel bad cause I am one boring bitch.
  • I hope it don’t get stinky around my house. I have water but don’t have hot water. I don’t mind the cold shower thing and as hot as it is hopefully no one else will either.
  • I think what I am gonna do for the next couple of weeks is this: I’m still gonna go out like normal. Instead of letting everyone buy me a beer like normal I am just gonna have a collection jar and when anyone asks me if I need another beer I’m gonna hand them the jar and let them put that dollar in it. I’ll stay sober for once and get the money to pay that electric bill.
  • I have been seriously thinking about attempting to quit smoking. Giving the current state of bitchiness that I have been in the past couple weeks I have to wonder if it’s a good idea to try it now. If you happen to look up in the sky and see a giant mushroom cloud over Valliant some day then you will know that I attempted it.
  • The kids are still alive an healthy. I know this because they have been some what bitchy as well the past couple weeks.
  • I was randomly reading blogs about a week ago. I came across one that had some pictures on it with some places that looked familiar to me. At first I couldn’t place where I had seen them then it dawned on me I had drove by them a million times. It was kind of weird to me cause this person only lives about an hour away from me. The reason for the weird; in all my years of random blog reading I have never come across one that the person lived that close to me. It kind of gives me an odd feeling to read the blog now. It’s like I am looking in the window of a neighbor. (That don’t stop me from reading it though.)

That picture up ^ there. That is all I have to say to everyone and everything that has pissed me off lately.

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