Eyes Everywhere!

It has recently come to my attention that I am being watched. Not me specifically but Sharla is being watched. By virtue of the fact that her and I are always together I am being watched as well. Someone around town is doing it and someone at the bar is doing it. All I have to say is this: their life must suck worse then mine cause we lead a pretty dull life.
Most days go something like this: I get up around 7 and get ready for work. I work until about 5 and then go home and either watch tv or just sit and bullshit with whoever happens to be there at that time. I go to bed and start the cycle over again. Fridays and Saturdays include the bar on most weekends where depending on how drunk I get the show might be a pretty good one.
This weekend was a bad weekend to be watched. There was absolutely nothing to be seen. Friday night I played darts with Leon pretty much all night. I went to bed around 4:30 am and got back up around 8. Went to Broken Bow for a little while then home to visit with Billie for a few hours. I took a nap and then started getting ready to go out. After I was ready (and damn I looked good) it was decided that we weren’t going. So, I got unready and me and my daughter and her friend laid in bed and talked for awhile till I went to sleep. I really don’t remember much about Sunday so it must have been uneventful.
Now, see what I’m saying? Whoever is watching must be one bored individual. I almost feel sorry enough for him/her to give them a bit of a show. Nahhh, piss on em, they took it upon themselves to do this so they can deal with what they get.

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