Bitch Bitch Bitch

I’ve talked about this before but with the mood I have been in this last week I am gonna do it again. I can’t stand women that do the whole bitch thing then blame it on hormones and such. This week I have been a major bitch to pretty much anyone that got around me. I don’t really have an excuse for it, things have just rubbed me wrong and I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut.
I used to work for a lady that one day she is your friend. The next day she is having a melt down, tears and all. Then yet the next she is cussing you like a dog. It was all blamed on menopause. Yet another girl at the same job would do the same thing and blame it on being pregnant.
I have been pregnant twice, I have had PMS, I am right now in the throws of being pre-menopausel. Now, my pissy ass mood this week, do I blame it on any of those. Hell no! I blame it on the plain and simple fact that I was mad and felt like being a bitch. All of those things have put me in a bad mood before but I never jumped someone’s shit and then blamed it on that. It’s called self control. Use it from time to time.
I have a very good friend that is admittedly a bitch. She don’t blame it on anything other then she wants to be a bitch. I can respect that. She doesn’t use the holy grail of womanhood to make excuses for it. All I really want to say here is this: If you want to be a bitch then by dingies you be the best little bitch you can be. But, please, quit freakin blaming it on anything other then what it is… YOUR A BITCH!!!

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