I Have No Snappy Title

I don’t think I met my exceptional person Friday. Unless you count the lady at McDonald’s. I have been going to the same one for about two months ordering the same thing and then having to take it back and go thru it step by step so they can get it right. Normally I would have quit going there but it’s a simple order and I wanted it done right the first time for a change. Well, Friday the lady that took my order got it right the first time. Maybe she was my exceptional person. I do have a lot of exceptional people in my life but this was supposed to be a new one. Guess I’ll just stick with the ones I have because, well, I fear change anyway so I might as well not try and add a new one.
I did manage to not have the “why don’t you like me?” talk this weekend. But, now I have to ask a certain someone why he don’t like me anymore. I seem to have gotten left out of the Cowboy Koolaid mix this weekend. You know who you are so…Why don’t you like me?

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