Complete Random-ness

* A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. What the hell does that mean?
* I do not need to post when I am really sleep deprived because frankly I confused myself with that last post. (However, I mean every damn word of it!)
* My ex husband has suddenly started defending my choice to go out on weekends. That actually means a lot coming from him.
* I re-pierced my belly button last night…It hurts like hell today.
* For some reason people have decided to “just drop by” the house at odd hours of the night just to say Hi. And that’s about all they do.
* I really need to get my grass mowed. It’s almost just right for bailing.
* The parental units are bound to stumble upon this eventually (if they haven’t already and just haven’t said hi) so I might need to start putting a couple kid updates in here. I hear they like to know that the kids are still alive and kicking from time to time.
* The kids are still alive and kicking.
* I miss Billie.
* The electric company is sticking it to me because of a mistake they made. It’s a good thing I’m not scared of the dark.
* This was heard in my house last night: “There just aren’t enough holes to stick it!”
* Just heard this out of the other office: “I just need to know what hole you stuck it in.”

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