What A Weekend!

First off…a big fat honking thanks to Bob for that awesome kiss. Someday he will be rich and famous and I can look in the gossip mags and say “Hey! I kissed him once!” I have to say it’s the best one I’ve had in awhile…First guy in awhile that didn’t try and check me for tonsilitis with his tongue! Oh who knows, I might even be the one telling the stories to the mags about how after that kiss he kidnapped me and made me have his love child. I guess worse things could happen. He’s a hottie!
This weekend was actually an awesome weekend. My friend came in from The City and we had a blast just messing around. She isn’t much into the club scene but she found her groove when she got ahold of a pool table. I’m not entirely sure what got into men Friday night. I had two friends gropped by 3 different guys. What’s up with that? Come on guys…No Means NO!
I did have my “Why don’t you like me” talk on Friday night and got that over with. I still don’t quite get it. If people really knew what a bitch I am they might not want me to like them. Oh well they’ll figure it out eventually. Oh and did I leave out I’m lazy as well.
Saturday night was just as awesome. Not sure why though. I didn’t really drink…didn’t kiss anyone and went home alone. (Like that is something new) I have a ummm uhhh “project” that I have been working on each weekend for the last 3 weeks or so. I had a minor set back last weekend but it saw a bit of activity Saturday night and things seem to be going just as I thought they would. I couldn’t be more excited about it. I love it when I prove myself right.
Here are a few things that could have been heard around my house if you had been listening this weekend:
“35 lines? I have how long to do them?”
“There. was. a. CRICKET inmypants!”
And my personal favorite: “You wanna stick that WHERE?”
It was an interesting weekend indeed! šŸ™‚

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