We Made It Thru!

I should have never doubted it. And I never really did doubt it up until the man walked into the office and sat down with his little computer. Then all the fears came rushing in. When I got back to work here everything was a couple months behind. I had a month to catch it all up and get things in order for the audit.
I couldn’t have done it though without the help of my friends. Billie and Sharla both came in and went to work here. They dove in and done a lot of things that I either didn’t have time to do or just didn’t want to do. You know those kinds of jobs…the shit ones. Both did it and neither really complained about it. Or if they did complain, they were true friends and did it to each other behind my back. And then there is Robin. She didn’t come in and help but she stayed on the phone with me talking me thru the things I just couldn’t remember from the last audit. And she pretty much stayed online with me and held my hand thru the audit.
Thanks All Three of You!!!
Today the boss promised me pizza and ice cream…possible tequila. And another thing for Billie…. Both of them have said over and over what an awesome job you did on the office. They said to tell you thank you for being there when they needed it and the Monkey Suit is forth coming. LOL

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