I’m NOT an Idiot!

I’ll be the first to admit that yeah, from time to time I do act like an idiot. I have even been known to dress like one. But, damn it! I’m not an idiot and I can’t stand to be treated like one. We are having trouble with our internet connection at work. I start with the obvious and call the ISP. They have me do a few things and lo and behold it’s the router that is our problem.
This small piece of knowledge have made my last two days a living hell! I called tech support for the router. The first foreign lady I got had a thick accent and a really high pitch voice. I sat on hold to get to this lady for 30 minutes…we talked 10 minutes. I explained everything that… it comes and goes and that our ISP figured out it was the router and that I have reset the router a hundred times and it works again for a couple minutes then it goes down again. The whole time we are talking she is talking to me like I’m the one that is the idiot! This is pretty much step by step my conversation with her.
Router Lady: “Please press down the reset button on the back of your router for 30 seconds”
Me: “Okay it’s pressed down”
Router Lady: “Now while you are holding the button down unplug the power source from your router. Then release the button.”
Me: “Okay…done.”
Router Lady: “Power up your router and try to get online.”
Me: “Okay it’s online but that’s never been an issue. I have reset the router before”
Router Lady: “Your online…good…looks like it’s fixed thank you for calling yadda yadda yadda”
Me: “Thanks! I’ll call back and get a tech that knows what they are doing.” Click!
I called back yesterday and was on hold for ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES!! I actually got a tech that was helpful. We were on the phone for 3 hours working on it. When we got off the phone it seemed to be fixed. All computers running nicely. I’m checking email about 15 minutes later and it goes down again.
I boot up this morning and still nothing. So I call tech support back and surprise surprise I get right thru with no hold time at all. Come to find out my router simply needs an upgrade. I’m thinking ahhhh finally I’m getting somewhere. I can hook straight into my modem without the router and get online download the upgrade install it and be on my way again. Yeah…one of these days I’ll learn not to think quite so much.
I go thru the steps and download the upgrade. It’s supposed to be a zip file containing an exe file. No such luck. The download is messed up. They have a webpage where you can live chat with someone about your problems. So, currently I am sitting on hold with this damn chat window for 15 minutes now.
If you don’t see me this weekend you will know that I finally lost my cool and I am running around town naked and hair wild with the router in my hand screaming NO MORE ROUTER LADY! NO MORE ROUTER LADY!!

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