Update And A Favor

First the update: I got a phone call from Dj last night about 11:30. I think we are moving into the early stages of labor. Nothing intense yet but maybe by the end of the weekend I’ll be a grandma! I’ll let you know Monday.

Now the favor: I have about 3 or 4 regular readers on here. I have emailed back and forth with all of you from time to time. Well, the other day I was in one of those moods and I ended up deleting emails without saving email addresses. I have something I want to tell you before I post it here. 🙂 It will probably be Monday morning before I can email you back because I don’t know if my sad little phone will hold a signal at my house long enough to email. undomestication@gmail.com

Thanks and I’m outta here for the weekend!

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The Burning Truth

I want to thank everyone for the emails and comments of concern. Even though I really couldn’t answer them they made me feel so much better just knowing some one cared. I want to say I’m sorry for the weirdness that I did manage to post. I have a philosophy when it comes to my emotions that I really live by: I feel what I feel, when I feel it.

I’m not going to go into the details of what made me take the hiatus but I will share some of what happened to prompt my latest freaked out post.

I have never really held back about my feelings for Bradley. Since he has come to live over here I have gotten to know him quite a bit. He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met. He really does care about people but, he makes some really bad decisions. He was thrown out of his house about a year ago and has been pretty much living from house to house with anyone that would take him in for a night or two.

He finally came to live with with us. He made some really bad choices while he was here as well and Jeff told him one more fuck up and he was gone from our house. He apologized to all of us for the things he had done and acted like he was going to straighten up.

Then last Thursday happened. His mom called him and said some cops came knocking at her door looking for him and said they had a felony warrant for him. Apparently last June he delivered some weed to an undercover cop. He ended up being part of a state wide round up. I called Jeff and told him about it.

Jeff called a cop friend of ours and turned him in. Now, I really have no problems with him doing that because Bradley had court the next day and would have been arrested anyway. The part I had a problem with was I was at work. I couldn’t leave to be with Dj while it was all going on. His idea to solve that was to come get Bradley and take him some where else to have him arrested. Jeff romped on him pretty hard while they waited on the cops.

That night Dj left and went to her cousin’s house. They bailed him out of jail and they have stayed at the cousin’s ever since. Bradley is currently not allowed back in my house so Dj decided she won’t move back in my house either.

She has decided to go live with her dad until the baby is born so that she can still see Bradley on a regular basis. It was hard as hell to do but I told her for all intents and purposes she is grown now and can make this decision on her own. I won’t stop her.

Her plan is, and after a lot of thought it’s a good one, to stay with her dad until the baby is born and things have cooled down at the house. Her dad lives 10 minutes from the hospital and I live about 40. So for the interest of the baby it is probably better that she stays there. It’s just keeping me on edge to not be able to sit on top of her right now. And I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for my baby to be leaving my house.

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Did You Know…

That at my local Wal Mart I can buy 12 double rolls of toilet paper for less then I can buy 24 single rolls of the same brand?

Well, now you do.

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Losing Control

My life took another hard turn yesterday. I feel myself spiraling downward really fast and I am powerless to stop it. No worries about lose of life or anything, I’ll never let myself sink that low again.

I wish I could find the woman I was as little as two months ago. I can’t stomach this whiney tit bag that I am reducing myself too.

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Checking In

I just wanted to check in and say I’m ok.

Two weeks ago my life turned upside down. I was drowning. Today things are better. I’m still in a bit of deep water but at least I have the ability to come up for air when I need it.

The baby is still where she is supposed to be, although they think it won’t be much longer until she shows up.

Hopefully we will find our new normal soon and I can get back here where I want to be.

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Sneaking Back In…

to say that I am fucking pissed!

My son goes to a small school. There are 22 students in all of 6th, 7th and 8th grade. He has three teachers and has classes with different grades. It’s a pretty close knit school.

His basketball coach has kind of taken him under his wing and for the most part I agree with everything coach says and does with him. When Dylan started at this school I was asked to sign a paper stating whether or not Dylan could have swats if needed. Well, I have known the principal for years and I have known Coach almost as long. I trust their judgement so I said yes he could if needed but I wanted to be notified BEFORE it happens.

Last week I found out Dylan has had swats THREE times that I didn’t know about. Since he came home and told me about it and asked me not to say anything I didn’t. But, this morning that man tried to way overstep his boundaries and I am livid!

We are about to be in the throws of an ice storm. It is supposed to hit us around lunch. It’s already cold and rainy and a little slick but not too bad. I made the decision that Bradley and Dj would both cancel their doctors appointments and Dylan would not be going to school. I would rather them stay home and it not storm then have them be out and it does happen.

Dylan called in to tell Coach he wouldn’t be there today. His words to Dylan were “Get ready, I’m sending someone to get you. If your mom doesn’t want to bring you then we’ll get you here another way.”

Dylan called me to tell me about it and I about lost my shit! How dare he try and make those decisions for MY child. I had Dylan call him back and tell him that I said no and if he has a problem with it then he can call and take it up with me. Dylan called and Coach apparently still romped on him a bit.

I see a parent/teacher conference in my near future!

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I am going to take a short hiatus from my blog. Probably just a week or so because I can’t ever stay gone for very long.

I have some things in my personal life that need to be worked out and I have too much swimming around in my head to focus on much.

I know I have hounded a few of you when I don’t hear from you so I wanted to at least let you know that I’m around and I will be ok.

Dj and the baby are ok… bed rest is killing her but they are ok.

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How I’ve Spent My Week

This has been a very sucktastic week!

We had Dj’s baby shower on Saturday and it went pretty good. She made a good haul in the diaper and wipe department. She has two friends that live in Louisiana. They snuck in for the day to surprise her for her shower. After the shower she went with them to the camp where they all met to visit the people that run the camp. There they ate some Cajun food. I think that was the culprit of the events that started to unfold the next day.

Sunday morning started out nice and calm. It was Dj, Bradley, Dj’s friend Sarah and I sitting there watching tv. Dj sent me a text asking me if hurting around her lower stomach and nether regions was normal. I started asking questions and her pains were coming and going and varied in intensity. I called a nurse helpline and they determined that yes she probably was having contractions and she needed to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and they hooked her up to the monitors and they initially said they thought she might have a bladder infection. So, they pissed her and sent it off to the lab. Her doctor just happened to be in the hospital at the time so he came by to check on her. They checked her and she is dilating. She is still just at one but with the contractions too that isn’t good. He also found that the baby’s head is in place and ready to pop out.

They gave her a steroid shot to boost the baby’s lung growth just in case they can’t get her labor stopped. She had her regular appointment the next morning and then had to go the hospital that afternoon to get a second steroid shot.

We got home Sunday night and started timing her contractions. They were coming anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes apart. They never got overly intense and never got consistent. We went to the doc the next morning and they put her on total bed rest, which is killing her!

The baby is going nuts moving and flipping and flopping. I told Dj we need to stick a calendar up her hoo ha to show this kid it’s not time yet!

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Shootin From The Hip

  • I remembered to take my camera this morning to get the picture of the sign at the bar. I aimed, focused, hit the button. Batteries dead, no picture.
  • Dj got a phone call from the school yesterday. They are saying unless she takes another class she won’t graduate. The counselor hasn’t called me back yet but from what Dj said they are saying because she took a creative writing course years ago she is now required to take another elective course as a follow up. If she doesn’t take it she won’t graduate. It’s basically no big deal since she is home bound but I don’t quite get it and think this is something that should have been caught a long time ago.
  • See that sweet face up there? That’s my niece. She is the sweetest baby you ever wanted to be around, until Dylan shows up. He doesn’t even have to say a word to her, she just sees him and is instantly “on”. The minute he sits down she goes into attack mode. She gets behind him and grabs him around the neck and starts pulling. She might grab his hair and jerk him around and then there are times she gets both hands in his mouth from behind and drags him backwards. The whole time she has this evil little laugh. It’s so cute!
  • We took Precious to be spayed this morning. Because she was a rescue dog we qualified to have it done at a discount. There is a travelling clinic around here that does it. It’s called the Neuter Commuter.
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The place we drop Bradley off for work is beside a bar. I pulled in this morning and he pointed out a sign to me on the side of it. I’m going to try and remember to take a picture of it.
At the bottom of the sign it says:

Free Tacos & Women

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